Another “ONE CLICK” OSX ruby install.

Humm, I wonder if this is better than locomotive.. which is another (1) click installer..
clipped from

Ruby One-Click Installer for OSX

If you’ve got something else, you are wasting time and hard disk space.

This package is the most simple way to equip your Macintosh Apple OSX System with Ruby – similar to the Windows Ruby One-Click Installer. It replaces the broken Readline library, updates to a current version of SQLite3 and prepares your OSX for Rails, which needs at least Ruby 1.8.4 to run. The current Ruby Version is 1.8.6 (1.8.5 is recommended for Rails) and Rubygems 0.9.4.

  • SQLite3, to have the tightest ACID-compliant relational database management system available.
  • Ruby/LDAP, in order to enable interfacing with LDAP-Servers via ruby-net-ldap or Active::LDAP.
  • Ragel State Machine Compiler in case you plan to use SuperRedCloth or Hpricot (and others).
  • Mongrel Webserver plus dependencies (daemons, fastthread, gem_plugin, rake, cgi_multipart_eof_fix), for your ultimate HTTP needs.

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