A chordMAP-type AU or VST plugin is needed

Will the standard Blues, Rock N Roll, RNB etc. chrd progressions types.. and melody scales.

*Arp or Rthym patterns can be applied.. and exported.. to be chopped up and (sort of beat padded on a MPC like PAD trigger)

in the mean time .. chek this.

clipped from music.princeton.edu


ChordGeometries represents chords and voice
leadings in a variety of 3D geome

trical spaces. You can enter
on a MIDI keyboard or using the Keyboard window. Voice leadings
between successive chords are represented by continuous paths in the
spaces. The program is meant to accompany the paper “The
of Musical Chords
” [Science
313 (2006): 72-74]. Further
information can be found in “Geometrical
Music Theory
,” a
work-in-progress with Clifton
and Ian Quinn.

Three movies demonstrate the program, using the
opening of Chopin’s E minor prelude. The first
shows Chopin’s piece as it appears in circular “pitch class
space.” The second
shows how the two pairs of voices chart a path on a Mobius strip.
The third
depicts Chopin’s piece as it travels through a slice of the
four-dimensional space containing seventh chords. You can also
watch Deep
on the Mobius strip.

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