MICRO AdNetwork – In Scroller, Images, Audio, Buttons – Anywhere

Micro Adnetwork thats “EMBEDDED” in Desktop Applications? in profile pictures? in textures or colors? shapes?


clipped from www.masternewmedia.org

Create Your Own Online Advertising Network – A Mini-Guide

The time has come for the evolution of an advertising platform, “giving entrepreneurs, advertisers and publishers of all sizes the infrastructure and tools for creating customized online advertising networks“.

With these new distributed advertising platforms, “network builders can define, assemble, merchandise and manage new, highly-targeted advertising networks within weeks, incurring little or no upfront cost.” In turn, the companies providing such services to online publishers and advertisers do handle “all of the campaign management, performance tracking, reporting, billing, payment and technical support functions needed [to run] for successful advertising campaigns.
(Source: Adify Press Release)

The ability to create your own advertising network is now indeed a reality. By bringing a series of content-connected blogs together into a single, vertical, “thematic” network,
Tightly-focused , high quality, niche content
  blog it

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