Messenger – Virtual World Chat – Homepages (profiles, Room/Furniture)

Avatar customization, Profiles and World.
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IMVU home pages

You don’t just get 3D chat with IMVU, you also get your own customizable homepage for free!

Your homepage lets you see and be seen. Just meet someone in a chat? Check out their homepage to find out more about them!

IMVU 3D messenger

Hang out and chat with friends or meet new people from around the world.

With 3D avatars, chatting is way more fun. Check it out for yourself!

The IMVU catalog

Browse for new clothes, shoes, hairstyles, accessories, pets, furniture and more in the IMVU catalog!
All the products are created by IMVU users and thousands of new items are added every day!

Try on new items before you buy to make sure you love them and have fun
creating an entire wardrobe of amazing outfits!

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