MIndCandy — Reality Games..

Internet, Phone, and Media… Based REAL games..
clipped from blogs.mindcandydesign.com

Mind Candy is an interactive entertainment company that specialises in cross media, multi-player games. Our work includes everything from casual online games to pioneering projects in the rapidly expanding field of Alternate Reality Games (ARGs).

Our first project is a groundbreaking puzzle-based ARG called Perplex City – a global treasure hunt played simultaneously by tens of thousands of people around the world.

“Death to Sudoku…Perplex City is a game which uses the Internet, the media, phone messages and the very
workings of your soul in its bizarre cleverness” PC ZONE

rtainment experience. Rather than simply watching a film or reading a book in the traditional linear

“It offers an incredibly immersive ente fashion,
Perplex City swirls all around you” Business Week

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