Amazing 3D avatar with Chat and Video.. in FLASH

this is so fucking cool…
clipped from

Flex/AS3 3D Engine demo

The demo Darren mentioned earlier is now online:

Click to load the demo

This demo shows standard 2D Flex UI components projected into a 3D world. You can interact with them using mouse and keyboard in the usual way. There’s a video that you can play on one of the screens, a Flash movie, and a few other random components such as DatePicker and PieChart. Give it a go!

Move the little guy around by clicking on the floor of the room.
To look around, click and drag with the left mouse button.
To zoom in and out, hold down shift, then click and drag with the left mouse button.

Virtual Chat
We’re currently working towards a full 3D chat environment, with customizable avatars. The animation below gives a little sneak-peek of the work in progress:

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