Ahh the F23 Next wave of digital cinematography.. RED??

I hope Red gets close. Sony F23 Rentals at $3k a day Vs. Red $700 a day no contest.
clipped from bssc.sel.sony.com

The F23 camera system is the pinnacle of Sony’s 2/3″ CineAlta™ line of 24P acquisition products for digital television and motion picture content creation. Developed for cinematographers, the F23 camera, is designed so that all controls, indicators and menus adhere to cinematography conventions. The camera system can be directly docked to a SRW-1 HDCAM SR recorder. When docked to an SRW-1 equipped with the optional HKSR102 board, the F23 can record, in addition to overcranking and undercranking, slow shutter and interval recording the digital equivalent of accelerating, linear or decelerating speed ramps, effects; users can see the results immediately on the set without any additional gear. In addition, the F23 provides choice of 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 1080P imaging. The F23 camera system offers the performance, creative control and flexibility cinematographers need, as well as a compact and rugged design to withstand the challenging conditions often encountered on location.

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