Building AN “open network” for a person to build links to anythin

Almost like a bookmarking and annotation service.. Clipmarks, Myspace etc.
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mix between Highrise and LinkedIn
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I have a contact that’s the CEO of a local company. I know his contact information, and he’s a really good guy – I can vouch for his work. I would like to add him to LinkedIn, because I believe he would be of benefit to the other’s within my network. Here’s the problem – he doesn’t exist within the closed LinkedIn network, so I can’t add him.

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In today’s age, there’s no reason why I should be able to add this person. Hell, in Geni I can upload my entire family; my dead grandfather doesn’t have to join and he’s in the network… and my cousins who have never visited the service; they too are in the network.

That’s the way it is across almost all social networks. If someone doesn’t exist within the service, they can’t be benefited by it, or produce benefit for others.

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