Ahh finally a post on Social Interaction – design

Interactive design but for social ends. The idea of building a hosted mechansim for deeping social interactions.

How well do you know this person.

We’ve noticed that you’re in contact with these 4 people DAILY.

These people here are in your zipcode and you barely talk to them? Why not say “whazz up?”

BUTTONS or Macros for
– Birthdays in my Month?
– Search for social interaction – What do my friends think?

clipped from www.socialdegree.com

The Importance of Social Interaction Design In A Community

There are user interaction designers, user interface designers, ui architects, user experience gurus, etc, etc. With communities there is a new breed of designer that is becoming extremely valuable; social interaction design.

Social interaction design isn’t about strict conversion to action, but conversion to the correct action within the context of the community. Every action a user takes helps shape the overall environment of the community, and the environment helps shape future actions by the user. Its a continuous loop where a small number of wrong actions can have a significant negative effect on the community as a whole.

LinkedIn Screenshot

The way the my button choices are named, in some sense, forces me to accept the invitation because there is no option for what I really want to do (decline a person I DO know). The message LinkedIn is sending is that I should accept any invitation unless I have never met the person before.

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