Popify/Pipes – Modular Mashup Tools. CircleUP – Group Decision Making

Circle Up could be used to Build concenus among group of investors, soccer moms, designers, etc.

Very interesting technology

clipped from www.pcworld.com


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Web-based sites or applications to produce all sorts of useful things, such as an overlay of traffic information over Google Maps.

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Yahoo Pipes

Like Popfly, Yahoo Pipes lets you create your own mashups or “pipes.” As with Popfly, you drag and drop prebuilt modules, and then create connections between them.
Use this site to send an e-mail or instant message to a group of people; then wait for it to return a consolidated summary of responses to you. It’s simple, it’s free, and it will liberate you from the recurring feeling that you’re herding cats whenever you try to coordinate an activity involving more than two people.

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