OMFG – Build is opening his life.

Man, this is the one of the OG’s of design. TDR is THE OG found out they designed that italian video site I found a week ago. KILLER. I knew their was something really special.
clipped from

Build desk

CR Blog

News and views on visual communications from the writers of Creative Review

Over the next month, Michael C Place of Build and Creative Review will be conducting a unique experiment. We are going to document one month in the life of a graphic designer.

Mr Place (whose desk is shown above) has agreed to record everything that he does during this period. Every piece of work. Every idea. Every presentation. Every meeting.

During the four weeks there will be regular updates here at the CR Blog. You’ll thrill as he meets his bank manager. Gasp as he checks some proofs. Marvel as he tours exotic locations such as Walthamstow and Epping Forest. All will be revealed.

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