Easy to install Ruby on Rails on Mac — ONE CLICK Installer

Very cool.. I wonder if this will be compatible with everythin?
mysql database etc.
clipped from locomotive.raaum.org


Ruby on Rails development done the Mac way

Hello and
welcome to Locomotive.
This is a simple tool to help
you develop Ruby on Rails applications on Mac OS X. While
those not choosing to set up their Rails development
environment using Locomotive may spend hours frustrated by
broken libraries, compilation errors, and incomprehensible
incompatibilities, you will be able to jump right into
Rails development the minute you finish downloading.
Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert,
Locomotive will save you time, reduce your stress, and
eliminate (your rails installation related) exasperation.
Try it now!

Simultaneously run multiple versions of Rails, each
of which may be configured with different libraries, gems,
or web servers. Locomotive uses “Bundles”, each of which is
a self-contained installation of Ruby, Rails, and all the
necessary support software and libraries (as well as many
useful optional tools!).
Choose Your
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