Flickr based Photomining – Random Fx and Transitions (LOOP)
Infinate Soundtrack – Multiple Layers of shuffling MP3 (LOOP)


clipped from
Islands Of Consciousness

Whilst the basic idea of Flickeur – an endless virtual videoloop that is in perpetual metamorphosis – has remained I have altered the visual engine and the
image selection algoritm in many aspects. I have added several new elements to the visual grammar and there are
now permanent as well as temporary manipulations applied to the material.
infinite soundtrack is built upon Oleg Marakov’s idea to run multiple mp3 players parallel in shuffle mode just like musicians playing different instruments.
In this case the instruments are not only pianos or synths but also natural atmospheres and sound effects. Islands of Consciousness consists of four parallel layers:
Layer one plays synth background pads, layer two is the piano track, layer three holds ambient atmospheres and layer four contains all kinds of different sounds
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