Wufoo – Forms made easy!! This thing is killer

I wonder if its built in rails/ajax? Very nice user experience.

clipped from activerain.com
Wufoo.com is one very good tool.� Wufoo.com passed through the filters above with flying colors. It is mind numbingly simple to use. It is free if you don’t need more than three forms. That’s pretty cost effective. And it does everything you could want it to do, including notify you when someone fills out a form, send the user a confirmation email and collect and store the data entered into each form. When I read about it, my first thoguht was… “too good to be true.” I’ve tested lots of form creation tools. This one works as advertised.�

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One thought on “Wufoo – Forms made easy!! This thing is killer

  1. Vanessa says:

    To create and launch all kind of form quickly and easily (contact form, order form, survey…), you can use http://www.formforall.com
    Take a look to this new online form builder.

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