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I was looking for this, I saw the dude in a current pod.. on current TV and I’ve been hunting for it every now and then. So its a very fun datamining app..
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Lovelines- Unique Content Visualization

image Lovelines is one of the most unique content visualization ideas I’ve seen recently. “Using a data collection engine created by the artists for their recent collaboration, We Feel Fine –, Lovelines examines thousands of blogs every few minutes to find expressions of love and hate, posted by all manner of people. When it can, Lovelines identifies and saves the age, gender, and geographical location of the person who wrote the post, and then presents that information along with the post.” Lovelines shows it’s data in words, pictures and superlatives. Words and pictures present individual examples of love and hate. Superlatives provides a daily zeitgeist of the most loved and hated things. All in all a very amazing content visualization of how the blogosphere feels about love and hate on a up to the minute basis.

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