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Creating Presence and Life
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Buddies can communicate both in-game and out of the game from the desktop using the Comrade desktop application. Your community can be connected to your game whether playing or not.

  • Account creation (with optional demographic fields)
  • Support for authentication with 3rd party account systems (such as Playstation Network)
  • Send/receive buddy messages peer-to-peer or relayed through server, including offline message support
  • File transfer between buddies
  • Player invitation system
  • Online status support (Online, away, playing, etc.)
  • Rich game status support (game location information, in-game score, etc.)
  • Automatic Comrade compatibility for in-game/out-of-game messaging
  • Buddy following from Comrade desktop application

The Presence & Messaging SDK handles both account creation/authorization and buddy list functionality. Accounts are available to use across multiple games allowing for cross-title communication.

Feed and Water Your Community Regularly

Comrade allows your players to access their buddy list from their desktop.

Civilization 4 featured robust in-game buddy lists.” />
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