Another Multiuser Interface — Chat on Canvas (parallax)

Corp Copy, Shopping, Videos, Site Thumbnails, Rating systems (LAYER 0) + NORM

Parallax Canvas + 2D avatars (LAYER 1) + Social NETWORK

Profile Canvas (LAYER 2) _ Personalized Canvas

Picture this?
You arrive on a site thats got video screens that you can view on a large 2D Parallax Canvas that you can zoom into and eclipse yourself with 5-10 folks watching the same time — or shopping, examing text etc.

then you can move around and find other videos, people to check out.

then you can ZOOM OUT and add profiles and videos to your “SELF SPACE”

the idea of ZOOM and CANVAS as world.

2D like google MAPS but more INTERNET MAPS

clipped from
ou the user get to fly around and chat with other site visitors. It certainly is one of the best examples of in-page chat


Overall it’s a good piece of rich media, demonstrating what can be done. Adding a secondary layer of interactive rich content is an interesting technique to get users to hang around a bit more. I would have liked to see better brand content that is intertwined with the interactive area – a double hit on their key message wouldn’t have gone a miss.


  • The whole concept of chatting on a site isn’t new but this is well done and you do get a sense of who is looking at this content at the same time. It stops the reading of a web page being a solitary activity and turns it into a social activity (way better than any myspace page). It obvious common ground in which to begin a dialogue.
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