Similar to Clipmarks.. But BETTER?

Yeah better. Right click. Ability to grab .swf, avis, movs. Ablility to grab daily or .cron based.
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I want to create a web 2.0 site (similar to flickr,, youtube), that gives the ability to save stuff to an “online” desktop. Users download a firefox/IE plugin which gives them the ability to highlight and right click whatever they see on the net (such as text/images, etc), click “Snatch”, specify a name for the snatch, and then have it automatically save the text/image to a website. The site can be extremely simple to use (flickr/ format). The user logs in, and they are presented with everything they “snatched” off the net. The user then has the ability to sort it, put it into sets, create groups, add descriptions, tag it, share it, rate it, etc. It is sort of like flickr and combined. I want it to have a flickr-like layout (especially the way they allow you to drag and drop things,rename things, etc). The ease of use is very important. The site should be exactly like flickr, except for being able to organize everything “snatched”.
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