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Multi-website screen scraper / web data mining software (similar to what uses)


I am looking for a screen scraper software that can scrap meta tags, “about us” description (similar to what does), and emails given a list of urls, and export to CSV format.

I’ve found a commercial software “Web Data Extractor”, that can scrap meta tags, emails, and phone numbers, but as the author does not respond to emails, i’m not willing to risk a purchase as the demo doesn’t show full capability.

If you have a solution (ready/custom) that does any of my requirements, pls propose. Ready software that can be customized is preferred. I do not have time for one to be built and tested from scratch. Thks.

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$ 67
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One thought on “screenscrape on get a freelancer..

  1. Candice says:

    Nice post on screen scrapers, simple and too the point :), For screen scrapers i use python for simple things, but for larger projects i used screen scraper which worked great, they build custom screen scrapers and data extracting programs

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