This is so Badass! Flash Red5 Papervision and Wii

Man, midi and wii killer combo..
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This last video with WiiFlash server is the drum demo I did at FITC in April. The drums are Papervision3D created in 3D studio max and animated with the Tweener animation classes. The WiiFlash server made this demo possible and very easy to create. This time, with 2 wiiMotes, the WiiFlash server just created another wii object and I was off and running. This was also the first time we’d demo’d Red5 doing midi out. For triggering sounds with any type of speed, we had to go outside the flash player and Red5 provided that via RTMP. The sounds are triggered from a Roland TD-10 sound module. Midi via RTMP – You gotta give it up for Red5 )

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