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Do you process all your drums via a bus and use a Limiting/Compression
guess i just use the 2-buss on the drum mix to get a bit of distortion from it, a bit more energy. I don’t do it for ‘loudness’ reasons, i always keep it the same level before/after, just more effected
group everything out to busses, it makes it so much easier to balance the mix. So, i’ll point all my drums to a ‘Drum Mix’, i’ll have other buss groups such as ‘Vocals Mix’, ‘Basses Mix’ etc. I’ve been putting a 2-buss mastering compressor across the drum mix buss for a while now, I like the Timeworks one because it gives me a bit of distortion on the kick rolls which i like. I suppose it’s a bit like doing it on an analogue desk, pushing the drum mix buss hot and getting a natural compression from the circuitry. Really, compressing the drum mix just amounts to making the metal-work sound louder, so you could just go and turn up the hats and other metals manually, unless you’re looking for a full-on pumping sound
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